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anatchart,model,skull,dissectable,pieces,parts,occipital,sphenoid,ethmoid,vomer,mandible,parietal,temporal,palantine,nasal concha,maxilla,teeth,lacrimal,zygomatic,nasal,colored,labeled
Human Skull with Painted Masculature
Item# A23

A high-quality plastic reproduction of a human skull that includes sutures, foramen and styloid processes. The calvarium is cut and the jaw ...

Price: $177.00  

anatchart,model,skull,dissectable,pieces,parts,occipital,sphenoid,ethmoid,vomer,mandible,parietal,temporal,palantine,nasal concha,maxilla,teeth,lacrimal,zygomatic,nasal,colored,labeled,
Anatomical Skull Kit Natural Bone Color
Item# A290

A natural colored 22-piece skull that can be divided into its individual pieces and reassembled. Includes occipital, sphenoid, ethmoid, vome...

Price: $506.00  

Muscle Spine With Disorders with Stand
Item# CH5900

Spinal curvatures are color-coded. Includes occipital bone and cerebellum, circle of Willis, vertebral artery, spinal nerves with sciatic ne...

Price: $220.00  

Teeth and Jaw Development Set
Item# DG108

Four life-size jaw models of a newborn, 5-year old, 9-year old and adult trace the development of jaws and teeth. Right half of the maxilla ...

Price: $394.00  

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